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My time in China

I don’t know if you have seen a programme called An Idiot Abroad? those that have, it was just like that in the beginning. I landed at Xiamen Airport China, and needed a connecting flight to take me to Shenzhen. Not one official at this airport spoke a word of English and at one point I thought I would be spending the two weeks in Xiamen. Luckily there was an English guy who spoke Chinese.

I was now in Shenzhen. The hotel was out of this world; the Kirin Park View Hotel.The next morning one of the Chinese companies had arranged for their company driver to pick me up from my hotel and take me to their factory. What I should have told you first is that 99% of e-cigarette factories are in Shenzhen, over 200 companies. Anyway I arrived at their factory, if you can call it a factory? The only way I can truly describe it, that it was a dump. It was a four story building. The ground floor was their stores, second floor was the factory where the e-cigarettes and e-liquid were made, and the top two floors is where the workers lived. I was thinking what the hell am I doing here? The temperature outside was 33 degrees so you can imagine how hot it was inside, no air con, just a few fans circulating hot air. Don’t get me wrong, the staff were lovely and polite at all times and made me feel so welcome. They were proud to show me all their products, but I did think about what health and safety checks they had in place, not just for the workers but for me as a customer? I could say more but I think you get the drift of where I am coming from. Over the next week I visited more than 10 factories, and to be honest they were all much the same just had different company names. Every night I was on Skype telling my wife all about my experience and counting down the days to come home. I even emailed some of the other companies and cancelled meetings with them as by now I was so despondent. I truly believed that I would not smoke e-cigarettes in the belief that it was too dangerous. I had already agreed to visit one other company in Shenzhen, and really just to pass the time away I kept to my agreement. They as all the other companies did come to the hotel and picked me up and took me to their factory. Their factory was about an hour’s drive away from Shenzhen, and when we arrived there I could not believe my eyes This was it, the real e-cigarette company I imagined before I went to the others.

It was the most modern state of the art building I had seen in China, water fountains everywhere, security gates, and even before you entered the main building, you signed in, and had to place your feet in a machine that wrapped your shoes in plastic. Then you entered a chamber and for lack of a better word, decontaminated you. The whole building was air conditioned, staff were dressed in proper chemical suits and it was so professional. YES this was heaven, and these were the people that I wanted to deal with and only them when it came to e-liquid. The company I am talking about is Hangsen. They are the largest company in the world that producese-liquid and if you want to know more about them please click on link www.hkhangsen.com katie@hkhangsen.com Katie Duan was the person that showed me around their facilities. She was so open and told me about the traps and pit falls of dealing with e-cigarette companies in Shenzhen. I know she was telling the truth as I had seen it with my owntwo eyes. So the moral of my story is yes e-liquid is safe, but you need to know who/where and how it is manufactured? We at Executive Vapours ONLY use Hangsen e-liquid and will never use anything else. Please click on FAQ / FACTS and TRUTH about E-CIGARETTES

China can be a very challenging place for a business visitor. The food is guaranteed to upset your stomach and you can very easily get lost and never find your hotel ever again if you don’t take your hotels business card to give to the driver of your taxi! I was lucky enough to have a great right hand man in China who helped me avoid the common pit falls... Kev! Kev helped me in ways that were invaluable. He guided and directed me to the factories I needed to investigate for the electronic cigarette business I was planning in the UK. Kev translated for me and to a large extent became a good friend to me in China just when I really needed one.
So here is a big thank you to you Kev!
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