Delivery Information

We aim to have your goods delivered to you within 24/48hrs.

If you have not received your order within 3 working days from date of order, please contact us

On the very rare occasion Royal mail can let us all down!
We are currently working hard to resolve this.

Executive Vapours pay Royal Mail for all our outgoing orders/goods

•    First Class Payment Tracking Service for orders under £20.00
•    First Class tracking and Sign For Service for all goods over £20.00

As would most people reasonably expect, it has always been our belief that by paying for a First Class Service, you would receive your goods the next day (unless it was a Weekend or Bank Holiday) and the above Royal Mail seems to endorse that.

Unfortunately they have used the word AIMS to deliver next working day, which basically means, it could take up to 11 DAYS which they do not seem to mention as you can see in their own policy
statement above..

So for those customers who do not receive their order by the next working day, we can only apologise on behalf of Royal Mail. We have absolutely no control whatsoever over this and do think it is disgusting of Royal Mail not to state this on the above Advertisement.

As we stated above, this only happens on very rare occasions and most probably will not effect your order.

Paul Jackson - M.D. Executive Vapours

“Without Prejudice”